Thoughts from a new wanderer

It’s been over 13 years since Dark Day. 14 since I left the orphanage. I wish I could say things around here have gotten better, but…
The Preserver party is still the major power in America. That snake Carson, is in his 4th term. Apparently, America still needs a strong guiding hand, so Carson got 84% of the popular vote this time. I wonder if immigrants from the Nightlands are allowed to vote?
The one bright spot, politically is the new Mayor. Jacqueline Emerson is one of the few non-Preservers to be elected since Dark Day. She seems to be the right mix of good willed and cautious. She must be, since she’s not lock-step with the Preservers and still alive. She won’t come out and talk about the supernatural problems plaguing the city publicly, since that would probably cause one of those infamous NSB investigations. She has been a champion of the people’s rights though, and even if it doesn’t lead to much, it’s nice to have someone out there not controlled by the Nightlords. It’s not much, but at least it can give us some hope.
Things could be worse, of course. I think the Nightlords figured they’d be done, by now. The different factions have apparently been doing something right, even if some of them are almost extinct.
The Resistance and Spook Squad are still going strong. The seekers are surviving, too. The Underground Railroad, Nocturnes, Warlords, and Lightbringers all still exist, albeit a fraction of what they were a decade ago. Unfortunately, the Nightlords have been doing some things right, too. Murder, chief among them.
Then, there are the vampires. Just what Kentucky needed. It seems this place is always being attacked by bloodsuckers; literally, this time. They’ve always been around, of course. But they’ve grown much bolder, recently. I was attacked 3 times last night. The last one nearly took my head off; I’ve never been so appreciative of the reservoir!
The most worrisome news, though, doesn’t mean much to most. The old matron from the orphanage was murdered last night. The orphanage still has the police-tape all around it. I probably could have slipped by the fat rent-a-cop guarding the door, but I’m not sure I even want to go in.
The news claims some pale-looking blond guy is the number 1 suspect. I don’t trust the news much, nowadays, but it’s the only lead I have. It looks like I’ll be doing my own investigation. After all, you can only rely on yourself when enemies beset you on all sides…

A Shared History

All of the Player Characters have grown up in an orphanage, at least to the age of 5 years. Some characters were adopted, while others have spent their entire childhood in the orphanage, under the care of the kindly matron, Sister Mary Margaret. While life in the orphanage was not luxurious, the children were loved and treated well there.


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